Saturday, February 27, 2010

NBC's Saturday Night

Little known fact: Back when Saturday Night Live debuted in 1975 there was already a show on CBS calling itself Saturday Night Live. For the first few years SNL was referred to as "NBC's Saturday Night" but later assumed the name when its rival was canceled.

Here is a relic from the days before home video: an album of audio highlights from that legendary first season. In addition to the original cast are bits from hosts Lily Tomlin, Peter Boyle and Richard Pryor.

Inside the RAR file are two MP3 tracks ripped directly from the original vinyl release. The selections here were intended to mirror the early format of the show. I don't think this was ever re-released on compact disc, and all of these sketches are available on the DVD set of season one.

Here's another item from those early years of SNL: Marvel Team-Up #74, which teams Spider-Man with the Not Ready for Prime Time Players. This was produced after Chevy Chase had left the show and includes Bill Murray. Warning: it's corny as hell. What else do you expect, though, when Stan Lee is "hosting" SNL in the story?


(Note: this is a .cbr file. There are a few free programs your can download that "read" this files. HERE is a good place to start.)

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