Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Coneheads: Animated

It took Saturday Night Live a long, lone time to become as refined as it has today. While it's a caricature of its former self, there was a time when it's raggedy, drug-addled humor was the best thing on American television.
Once the original cast found mainstream acceptance, though, they gradually lost their edge (and interest in writing) and became ... well, hacks. I hate to admit it because that original cast is like The Beatles to me (don't be surprised if you get a lengthy tirade from me one day about how Garrett Morris was a wasted talent.) But when they sold out, they sold out cheap.
I'm not sure where the following cartoon falls in this spectrum between "Nick the Lounge Singer" and"Vegas Vacation." It's a little odd to see characters that were birthed in a cloud of marijuana smoke being given the "holiday special" treatment. But, here it is in three parts: The Coneheads animated special.

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