Friday, February 18, 2011

Vampire Over London

It's no secret that the Internet hates copyright laws. If you've got the creative rights to a property that can be translated to ones and zeroes, then get ready to spend the rest of your life sending out cease and desist notices.

Or you can do what the folks at OpenFlix have done: seek out public domain films, take advantage of existing (and user friendly) programs and share them with the world. Above is an example of what's available at the OpenFlix Youtube channel, the full-length feature Vampire Over London. It's a B-movie by anyone's definition, but it's got Bela Lugosi in it so that makes it good. You can find more movies (such as Metropolis, M and Night of the Living Dead) at FilmHound.TV.

(To Kill a Mockingbird appears to be posted at FilmHOund.TV ... is that public domain? I somehow doubt it.)

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