Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Henry & Glenn Forever gets weird(er)

If you're not familiar with the Igloo Tornado's Henry & Glenn Forever book, you're missing out on some cosmic-level weirdness. The idea began as a collection of cartoons from various artists depicting punk/metal icons Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins as a happily married gay couple living in suburbia. Since then it's ... well, you see the artwork above, right? You can find more at the H&G Facebook page. Buy the book HERE. I SAID BUY IT!

Since the initial book was published, the concept has exploded into public art exhibits, music and other forms of expression.  Every time it appears to have run its course, someone else steps up with an idea that extends it a few more minutes. H&G has been a blast so far but I have to wonder where it will end. I suspect the words "murder" and "Danzig" will be involved somehow, though.

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