Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keep Weird Fiction Ticking

Writer Joshua M. Reynolds has an offer you might be interested in. From his website:

Okay, so on Tuesday, as you may or may not recall, I mentioned something about a contest. Which is possibly an erroneous term, as it's more in the way of an incentive drive than a contest, but who gives a crap right? FREE STUFF, that's the point I'm trying to get across here.

Specifically, a free 10,000 word novelette. "The Black-Winged Ones" follows occultist Harley Warren and former-inspector John Raymond Legrasse as they investigate a series of bloody murders and stumble upon a hideous conspiracy in turn-of-the-century New Orleans. AND, to top it off-it's illustrated by MD Jackson!

Interested? Obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. So, February is Fundraising Month at Innsmouth Free Press. They're attempting to raise the modest sum of $1,500 CAD and because I enjoy the magazine (seriously, check out issue 4), I decided to help out in my own small way (yes, I have indeed also donated cash but this is more fun). 

Reynolds is offering a PDF of his novelette to anyone who donates ANY amount to the cause. You can get the full details at his website HERE. And give the Innsmouth Free Press a look, while your at it.

(Via contributing editor the Hypno Pimp.)

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