Monday, February 14, 2011

Tatooine's Most Wanted

Ever read the online Troops of Doom comic strip? If not, hit the link and give it a try. The strip is updated several times a week and features hundreds of back issues in the archive.

Anyway, this post actually has a point. (Don't worry ... I won't make it a habit.) ToD's creator is giving readers the chance to appear in a "wanted" poster within the strip. Here are the details:
Donate $10 or more and you can have your own personalized "Wanted" poster appear in the comic. Or surprise a friend and put their face on the poster. Even better, surprise an enemy! Posters will be put on the wall of a set and become a permanent part of TOD. After making a donation, email a good head-shot photo and one name to use on the poster. (First, last or nickname accepted. Shorter is better.)

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