Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My car plays the Star Trek theme ... what's yours play?

One of the stupidest controversies concerning electric cars is that their engines aren't accompanied by the obnoxious sounds made by traditional combustion engines. As expected, the idiots in the mainstream media present any change -- no matter how positive -- as some radical deviation from the norm. You know ... a perversion.

Instead of touting all benefits from reducing the levels of noise pollution in the modern environment, we get stories about how people might get hit and killed while cross the street because they aren't accustomed to looking both ways before walking into traffic. If you want to know what the media thinks of their audience, look no further than this.

People get killed in traffic everyday without aid of electric cars. But that's just not sexy.

Want to know what is sexy? An electric motor that plays the theme to Doctor Who. Check out these "mobile ringtones."

 "The system is totally customisable either by territory or individual. You could have Star Trek sounds for the US market and Doctor Who for the UK.

"If you take it to its extreme it could be like ringtones for mobile phones. If someone wanted the sound of the car in the latest James Bond film, they could have that."

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