Monday, July 5, 2010

Everything must go!

Well, not everything, I guess. But I've got quite a few comics now listed on Ebay which might interest you.

The strange thing about comic collecting is the non-financial value of books. When there's demand for a title, you might have to spend a little money but you'll have no problems finding a copy. On the other hand, if the comics you love have little value to other collectors, then you can build a collection for pennies.

Assuming you can find those comics at all.

If a series is worthless, comic stores rarely keep them in stock. For the same reason, this situation also makes it hard to find these books on Ebay. Why go to the trouble of listing comics that won't sell for more than a few dollars?

So, when people ask me how much my comics are worth, I usually answer "not much." But it took me a lifetime to build, which you can't really put a price on. If I were to lose my Human Fly, Power Pack or Micronauts comics in a fire, I wouldn't be out much money. But the idea of trying to locate those individual books a second time would be a nightmare.

I've only got four Ebay auctions posted now, but there are a lot of comics in them. Dozens of JSA books, Sin City: That Yellow Bastard and Hell and Back, 39 issues of The Demon and a full set of Bite Club. These aren't comics that will take care of you in your retirement, but they're great reads. These lots might even save you some shoe leather, given how thorough they are. Check them out!

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