Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daft Punk's TRON score coming in November

Looks like we'll get to hear the soundtrack to Tron Legacy a little earlier than expected. Daft Punk's music for the film is set to be released Nov. 23, according to Consequence of Sound ... putting it on the racks a month before the film's release. (Amazon already has the album ready for pre-order.)

Daft Punk's involvement with the film is one of the idea that first got me excited about returning to the world of Tron. When you let fan favorites stew over the course of multiple decades it's almost impossible to return to the well without disappointing just about everybody (The Godfather Part III, The Phantom Menace, Indiana Jones, etc.) When I saw DP were doing the music it became clear that the Tron sequel would probably be more than just lazy Hollywood nostalgia ... and that the new film had a shot at becoming something special in its own right. Time will tell if the movie comes together the way everybody hopes.


  1. DP being involved is what frightens me the most about this movie. I fear that their incredibly repetitive and ungrooving marching music will make the movie as unbearable as any DP album.

    I'd much prefer something with genuine musicality to it, like maybe Orbital, Herbaliser or Howie B. Or, better still, Squarepusher or Aphex Twin.

  2. Hell, those are all good choices.


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