Monday, October 4, 2010

Dr. Who LIVE tour in UK starts this week

American Dr. Who fans are a patient lot. It's not like we have much choice, mind you ... on the best of days we're a year behind British fans when it comes to access to new Dr. Who stories. On the worst? Fans in the 1970s were left to the whims of PBS scheduling, which was fairly erratic.

It hasn't always been easy for Dr. Who fans in the UK, either, with the situation ranging from feast to famine. The nation's present Dr. Who status is clearly "feast," though, as a new stage show called Dr. Who Live is set to begin Oct. 8 and will tour until next month.

Even better, Dr. Who Live features Nigel Planer (Neil of the Young Ones!)

From The Daily Mail:

Created by Dr Who executive ­producer and writer Steven Moffat, it kicks off in ­London next week. ‘It’s everything I wanted since I was 11,’ says Moffat. ‘A live show with the coolest Doctor Who monsters, a proper story and new screen material for Matt Smith’s ­Doctor. I’ll probably attend every night!’

Audiences are warned to expect the ­unexpected. With Nigel Planer starring as a new character, ­Vorgensen — ‘the ­greatest ­showman in the galaxy’ — some of the best-loved ­monsters and most ­terrifying foes who have never ­managed to conquer the Time Lord make an appearance.

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