Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's white and sells hambugers? Part 2

Me, with the Charleston, S.C., Rocky Horror "shadowcast."
Or the cast of Watchmen: The Next Generation. I forget.
I finally saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show with an audience this weekend and had a blast. I wasted a lot of bandwidth this year writing about my past frustrations with the film (which date back to 1986) but you can catch up with those posts by clicking here.

I caught the film at the Terrace Theater in Charleston, S.C. Despite the punishing thunderstorm that hit Friday night it was reportedly a record turn-out for the monthly performance. I met the "shadowcast" troupe outside before the show and grabbed a few photos with them. I'm tempted to call them a "motley crew" but that shitty, shitty hair band has ruined that term forever ... so let me call them "a bunch of uninhibited badasses" instead. You can find them on Facebook here.

The volunteers sold a Rocky Horror Survival Kit which was really helpful seeing as how me and my photographer/personal assistant* never got around to buying any props for the show. Among the items inside was a page from the Charleston Post and Courier for use against the "rain" ... and I soon saw how much times had changed since the first audience participation bug took hold back in 1979. In the golden age of RHPS the crowd used hand-held squirt guns. Last weekend we were hit with supersoakers.

Rocky Horror "virgins"show the audience what they REALLY learned in college.

While the shadowcast didn't look much like the movie's cast (except the woman playing Columbia ... HOLY CRAP did she nail it) they were a lively lot that never let the movie get boring. I had such a good time that I wasn't even disappointed when the storm knocked out power during the final minutes of the film. It just added to the chaotic fun of the evening's entertainment.

Riff Raff see through your bullshit.

So, if you live in South Carolina and want to see Rocky Horror, visit the Terrace Theater the first Friday of every month. I traveled about 5 hours for last weekend's screening and wasn't disappointed.

* I just want to see if she actually reads this thing. She took all of the photos on this page ... I was way too drunk to operate a camera.

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